Ten writing prompts

Stuck for something to write? Here are some prompts to kickstart things.

Enjoy. If you use one, please let me know in the comments. It would be fun to know what you do with them.

  1. A person returns home to find their door off the hinges and their house ransacked – and a note apologising
  2. Two men sit on the edge of a bridge and discuss building the foundations
  3. A man’s estranged wife unexpectedly turns up at home after she’s released from jail early
  4. A group of people are told that due to a hiccup with reality, whatever they do for the next hour will be completely forgotten and rewritten. How do they spend it?
  5. 1967. A milkman finds a dead body in the street. Well, he thinks it’s dead…
  6. The council are angry and they want their weapons back. They’ll take them by force if necessary
  7. The story of a love affair told from the point of view of a piece of furniture
  8. “That place is infested. I’m not going back in until you do something.”
  9. Freshly fallen snow and the hum of an electric fence
  10. They loosened the floorboards so they could hear if she left the room

For more writing prompts, why not check out the prompts and competitions at Writer’s Digest or the hundreds available at Creative Writing Prompts.

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